Laredo Economic Development Corporation provides services to attract new industries and businesses to the Laredo/Webb County area, such as:

Works with prospect(s) request and assists companies interested in relocating to Laredo:

  • Target maquila and industrial suppliers to serve plants on the regional border of northern Mexico
  • Facilitate the promotion of the Laredo/Webb County Tax Abatement to prospective clients.
  • Target select industries in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Léon to locate logistical/distribution facilities in Laredo
  • Facilitate industrial park development in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo
  • Develop and maintain essential economic and trade-related data to assist prospective prospects with timely trends in order to promote and encourage location in Laredo

If you are interested in visiting Laredo or would like economic/demographic information, please contact Joseph Mendiola at (956) 722-0563 or via email at